open text case management solution for MOSS
Open Text is demonstrating a new development platform for Sharepoint at the Microsoft Office Systems Developer Conference in San Jose this week. The Open Text Case Management Framework aims to streamline development time for Case management for MOSS, and incorporates a variety of MOSS extensions which add up to greater automation and less reinvention of the wheel during the Case development lifecycle.None of this information is of much use to you if you don't know what all this Case stuff is about. Turns out a Case in this context means a sort of full localized solution for a particular operation. Which begs the question... what on earth does that mean? Whereupon the blogger gives up takes the easy way out, and just [Ctrl-V]s OpenText's explanation:"Case management refers to a class of applications found in many industries designed to manage caseloads. Enterprises increasingly need a common case management framework to build a variety of applications addressing their needs, including such areas as new drug applications in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry, grant management and immigration admission in government, claims management in financial services and patent management in manufacturing".Geddit? In any case, here's what you get in Open Text's CMDV for Sharepoint:* Automatically create and retire cases * Dashboard view for quick access to relevant cases * Enhance the SharePoint user model to provide ethical walls * Provide meta data inheritance throughout the case * Rich desktop client to provide drag and drop of documents into cases * Incorporation of implicit records classification and life cycle management * Seamless search across active and archived cases * Case subscription capabilitiesPlainly Sharepoint is the ideal animal for this case management business, and Open Text is busting a gut to provide the best dedicated development infrastructure around. And so they're taking their sweet time in the lab: the Case Management Framework, SharePoint Ed. won't be out until Q3 2008."Increasingly enterprises are turning to SharePoint Server 2007 to take advantage of the benefits of a single integrated business productivity platform," said Tom Rizzo, Director of SharePoint for Microsoft. "This new framework from Open Text extends the value of SharePoint as a platform for case management."Open Text has more information on the Framework, and are actively looking for partners. Tell them we sent you.