OpenKM 3 has just lauched, with a range of new features including workflow management, better format support, and better handling of multimedia. The new version is available to download either as a free community version or as a licensed, supported version.

OpenKM delivers browser-based document management, and is built off a low load infrastructure incorporating JBoss and Java (and GWT -- Google Web Toolkit). Via Opera, Safari, IE or Firefox, the user can manage all of an enterprise's docs: find them, share them ,assign permissions, assign them to folders and so on. This AJAX-y app allows the user to do so in an intuitive and fast manner -- enabling drag'n'drop and the kind of direct manipulation we've come to expect from our favorite cloud apps. 

The AJAX features here come courtesy of the Google Web Toolkit, and when you go to play with OpenKM you can see the Google in there -- the demo sandbox runs fast and the whole thing's nicely coordinated. It's like Gmail for your files, except with drag'n'drop enabled. Navigation to what you want is good: a Windows Explorer-type navigation system gets you to the file you want; and, once selected, you can view its vital statistics like size and access dates, assign tags for finding it again, add notes (with an RTE so you can add links, bullets, etc. in there), view the document history, and view and assign read and write permissions to users.














File Access Permissions in OpenKM

Search is vitally important for a tool like this, and Open KM has a comprehensive search facility which you can use to find files or batches of files by type, taxonomy, contents and more. There are other features available too: group functions, a media player, notifications, help, dashboard and more. 

New Features in OpenKM 3.0

  • Workflow management
  • Support for WebDav
  • Support for documents converted to .pdf
  • A new Dashboard for keeping tabs on all those features
  • Previews of videos and images
  • Web administration
  • New languages and capability to set a default language
  • Indexing of most common file formats: text, MS Office, pdf, html, mp3, etc.















The new Workflow Manager

With its open source heritage, its no surprise that OpenKM runs on anything: Unix/Linux, Windows and (which will be appealing for a certain select clientele) MacOS. A powerful, highly flexible tool, which will doubtless find favor with medium-size, e-document heavy organizations looking for a solid document management tool.

If you think you need something like this, go to OpenKM and access the online demo for yourself.