OpenText RightFax 10 Adds Fax Support to Google Apps, Office 365
When you think OpenText (news, site), it is usually in relation to enterprise content management or associated technologies. However, OpenText also does fax and has announced the release of OpenText RightFax 10, which comes with a whole bunch of new functions, not to mention support for Office 365 and Google Apps.

Maybe it was just a really good marketing ploy to add Office 365 support, given the level of interest in it in the run-up to its release, but fax-enabled Google Apps and Office 365 sound like something an office should have.

To be honest, we had almost forgotten about fax in light of all the new emerging technologies, or upgrades to older technologies, but think about fax in a business context and it becomes clear why fax is so important -- leaving aside the business potential in the enterprise fax market, which is estimated to grow to $591 million by 2017 from $372 million in 2010.

Those figures in themselves might be surprising, with all the talk about “the paperless office” and digital storage, but it ignores the fact that, for many companies, faxing is still an important business tool, and, for many companies, it is a way of entering business documents into enterprise processes.

OpenText RightFax 10

But before we go into the new features, just a word about faxing. Faxing doesn’t necessarily have to involve reams of paper streaming out of an antediluvian machine in the corner of the office.

In fact, with software like OpenText RightFax 10, it means transmitting business critical documents from point to point, including desktop to desktop, without ever having to print anything out. The difference with email is that it can transmit copies of original documents so the recipient receives an exact and secure version of the original document that can be used in legal processes.

This is all by way of an aside. OpenText’s RightFax 10 is a fax server that replaces traditional fax hardware and infrastructure that automates the flow of fax, paper and electronic documents, which helps businesses deliver information securely and efficiently from virtually any application.

By using the new capabilities with Google Apps and Office 365, users will be able to send faxes to and from these cloud-based office systems and place faxes in the cloud, where they can be sent into other applications such as Google Docs, or, in the case of Office 365, into SharePoint online.

It also comes with RightFax Web Access, which means that users will be able to control this from a web browser.

OpenText RightFax 10 Features

In addition to the cloud support, it comes with a number of other upgrades to better enable access to business processes, including barcode routing and searchable PDF delivery, as well as enhanced Outlook 2010 support and support for Lotus Notes 8.5.

For users, the improvements then will mean:

  • Productivity: Searchable PDF documents and barcode routing technologies
  • Business continuity: Branch Office Server, enabling branch offices to run fax servers reliably and independently, in keeping with corporate policies for fax document handling and retention
  • Enhanced Security: Advanced email system integration that ensures only authorized users have access to the fax.
  • Flexibility: Integrate possibilities with on-premise messaging system such as Microsoft Exchange and IBM Lotus Notes/Domino

The release of RightFax 10 marks the 25th anniversary year for RightFax and is, according to OpenText, a significant milestone in the product’s history. It’s available globally now, so if you need fax technologies, have a look.