Berlin-based ORTEC Inc. will next month showcase its unfortunately-named ConWare CMS suite at the Tekom conference in Wiesbaden, Germany.ConWare is a central system for managing and producing content, then publishing to on-line and off-line channels. Content is stored in an XML-based format, which enables easy editing, automation, and publishing to various outputs via a 'one-click' system. The suite is designed to cover the complete life-cycle of content. Here's what you get: * Medium and product-neutral processing of information objects * Production of print -, off-line and on-line media * Flexible content compilation * Global editorship and publication processes * Integration of heterogeneous data and record systems * XML based data retention * OORBA basing distributed and scalable application The TEKOM conference is one of Europe's largest technical communications events. This year it runs from 6th to 9th November in the Rhein-Main Hallen in Wiesbaden. Over 2400 attended last year, and more are expected this year to attend forums on Integrated Information Management, a localization forum in cooperation with GALA, a user-assistance forum, and also an OASIS Open Standards day. If you are tempted to attend but worried about the language barrier, don't be. All sessions and symposiums at Tekom will be given in English. We leave the last word with ORTEC; or more specifically Babelfish, who is presumably the in-house translator at the Berlin company: "Additionally global publication processes are supported with print on the and or lot page outputs, those editorial operating substantially to simplify." Get me the guy who broke the ENIGMA code: I've got a new assignment for him... For more information on the Tekom conference, contact Ursula Wirtz, ph: +49 (0)711/65704-44, mailto:[email protected]