Ovidius Acquires EasyBrowse
Ovidius GmbH, one of the leading suppliers of XML-based Content Management Systems on the European Market, recently acquired EasyBrowse EP-Service GmbH. An established developer of solutions for electronic publishing, which aims to meet the special needs of publishing houses and the publishing industry, EasyBrowse is poised to expand Ovidius' portfolio as supplier of end-to-end solutions for creating, managing and publishing technical documentation.Providing an extensive array of tools for the electronic delivery of all forms of content, on CDROM, DVD or the Internet, the EasyBrowse product suite features the ability to index and search complex and varied content and data. Allowing customers to publish different source formats in one browser interface is just one of the many ways that customers will benefit from their self-proclaimed "flexible and automated solutions for generating electronic on-line and off-line documentation." Overseeing the acquisition will be managing directors at Ovidius's Berlin-based office, Klaus Fenchel and Torsten Machert. Committed to providing a versatile product, Fenchel and Machert agree that the "long-term partnership with EasyBrowse demonstrates how seamlessly both our technologies can be combined.” Because Ovidius targets companies with complex documentation requirements, such as automotive, mechanical engineering, software vendors, aviation and defense, medical engineering and IT companies and EasyBrowse's applications range from electronic books to catalog systems with online shop features to e-learning applications, the merger and acquisition is bound to benefit the organizational efforts of such companies.