Partnership Extends SharePoint Image Management Functions
That Psigen Software (news, site), a fourteen year old company that has focused on “perfect, simple imaging”, and Atalasoft (news, site), a provider of scanning and imaging technologies have gotten together is no real surprise given Pisgens’s recent form.

Psigen is mostly known for its capture solution for SharePoint -- PSI:Capture -- and has been busy using it to fill one of the holes in the SharePoint platform, notably its ability, or lack thereof, to provide a decent document image capture function.

Atalasoft’s crown jewel is the sophisticated, but user-friendly, image viewer VizitSP that adds viewing, cleanup, classification and annotation abilities to even the poorest system.

Document Imaging Management

Together, they say, they will be able to offer an end-to-end Document Management/Document Imaging solution that should fit all organizations, and most importantly, all pocketbooks.

So when all the cheering is over, what exactly will this partnership mean? There are three things:

  1. The first thing that happens is all the goodies outlined above will be adaptable to both Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) and Microsoft SharePoint Server (MOSS) environments.
  2. The second thing it means is that it can be used by any kind and size of business, is out of the box and can be configured very easily, providing a feature rich document viewing option to a market with few alternatives.
  3. And finally, by combining Vizit SP with PSI:Capture, companies can avail of a results in a best-of-breed capture and viewing enterprise content management solution that will allow companies to leverage SharePoint investments to automate paper-intensive work processes.

Integration with SharePoint Library

For those that are not familiar with Atalasoft, it brings a solution that works from a single interface that can integrate seamlessly on top of a SharePoint document library.


Atalasoft's VizitSP

Users can carry out routine tasks such as document review in a workflow, or classify documents for search and records management using a native SharePoint application.

Capabilities include:

  • Easy installation on SharePoint within minutes
  • Fast thumbnail preview of documents
  • View document in a browser-based viewer with no client software
  • Support for most image formats including TIFF, PDF, MS Word, PDF, JPEG, PNG, and CAD
  • Collaborate, Markup and Clean documents without having to download them
  • Integrates with the free Vizit Scan-to-SharePoint utility for Kodak scanners to index and edit documents directly in SharePoint

MOSS And WSS Document Capture

As for Psigen’s PSI: Capture, it provides a feature rich scanning and capture onramp for MOSS and WSS. Users can capture document images to SharePoint from a wide variety of scanning devices, including direct connect scanners and scanning copiers.


It can also migrate documents into existing libraries, or alternatively auto-create document libraries and columns based on index/metadata information.

Other features include:

  • Create searchable PDFs in SharePoint
  • Route Documents to SharePoint from MFP’s
  • Optical Mark Recognition (OMR)
  • Separation of Profiles
  • Zone-based image processing

Still only being unwrapped at the moment, there’s not a lot of reaction yet. But anything that extends SharePoint’s image management capabilities has to be good.