Phantom Data Systems online document management solution
Phantom Data Systems offers ImageSilo, an online document management and workflow solution. Designed just for SMB's this new application offers a fully secure document management solution that includes a whole lot of functionality and support for over 200 file formats. ImageSilo is an on-demand fully secured document management solution designed specificially with the little man - or woman - in mind. The application, which is available 24/7/365, is hosted in Department of Defense grade facilities and is backed up across secure linked locations across the US. For a monthly fee, clients have full document and content management capabilities including integrated scanning, indexing, storage, backup, and retreival of documents, emails, records and images. Over 200 file formats are supported including all the standards like PDF, Word, TIFF, JPEG, and even CAD. "This helps accounting firms, legal firms, financial companies and manufacturing companies alike not only save space, remain in line with compliance and regulatory requirements, but also implement an auditable work flow and control of their records and processes. In addition to full searchability" said Alani Kuye, Managing Partner. Along with the content management capabilities, they also provide a Data Delivery option. Basically a copy of the client's data is shipped to them via DVD media once a month. This all sounded really interesting, but going to thier website to get some more information was painful in the extreme. As a matter of fact, I challenge you to find a press release or documentation regarding this new solution (or even a search box) on Phantom's website. If their document management solution is what built their website, maybe they should go back to supplying their hardware solutions. There's nothing here that makes me think SharePoint or Alfresco have anything to worry about.