The beta of SharePoint 2010 is officially available, and for decision makers, it's time to start understanding how this version will affect you organization.

SharePoint 2010 Brings Big Change

We've been covering the SharePoint 2010 highlights since Microsoft first started spilling their secrets. It's bringing a little something for everyone:

  • Enterprise Content Management: Improvements to both Document Management and Records Management functionality
  • Web Content Management: Renewed and enhanced support for building and managing external websites
  • Collaboration: Stronger native collaboration capabilities
  • Business Intelligence: A new BDC (now called BCS) for integrated business intelligence
  • Enterprise Metadata Management: New centralized metadata management features and the SP 2010 Term Store
  • Search: Integrated FAST search
  • Improved Developer Support: New tools for Visual Studio 2010, a new version of SharePoint Designer
  • SharePoint Foundation: Formerly WSS, we'll see more capabilities moved down into the base platform

What's Most Important to You?

There's a lot to look at here. Along with new features and functionality, you must also consider licensing issues, content migration, governance and more.

Vote for your favorite SharePoint 2010 topic. We'll adjust our SharePoint coverage to focus on what you, our readers, want to know (but do it now, we'll close the poll on November 30th).