Fast forward from the days when Desktop Publishing meant producing printed materials at your desk. Quark, one of the pioneers of desktop publishing, has announced Quark Express Server 7 -- a publishing technology that combines the design power of QuarkXPress with server-based performance to deliver a creative solution for producing web-based or data-driven communications.This migration from print only, to a web plus print solution is increasingly evident at Quark. Its website reports their current mission is to produce a product line that ties together traditional print publishing with "enterprise content management, personalization, and tools for creating collaborative, cross-media workflows." The Server 7 application manages variable data content output and catalog layout. And, it imports and exports XML, and can accept content from database applications such as FileMaker Pro. QuarkXPress Server also includes QuarkXPress Server Manager, a Java-based tool that centralizes system administration, manages processing load on multiple servers, and provides reporting on automated publishing tasks. QuarkXPress Server Manager provides high-level programming interfaces, including HTTP, SOAP, PHP, .NET, and Java/JSP. "We are proud of our achievements with QuarkXPress Server 7 because it empowers our customers to communicate and collaborate through the Web to deliver outstanding products," said Nick Howard, Quark director of enterprise products. It looks like the company is positioning itself to grow in the Enterprise CMS space, as one piece of an integrated solution. QuarkXPress Server can be easily integrated with existing IT infrastructures and data sources and is typically offered as part of a packaged solution from a Quark system integrator or OEM partner, according to the company. Integration partners include Capps Digital, Integrated Software, Intuitive Solutions Group, ONUS LLC, Responsive Solutions, RoboCatalog, DeskNet, GLUON, and Stibo Catalog.