Quest Software Provides Enhanced Security to SharePoint, SAP

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Quest Software, SharePoint Administration
Quest Software (news, site) has made some updates to its ActiveRoles QuickConnect solution that will help you manage your SharePoint environments better. Oh, and it helps with your SAP environment as well.

Supporting Systems Management

Quest provides a number of solutions that help you management your environments better. And we all know how tough systems management can be. ActiveRoles Server provides the management and provisioning of users within Active Directory and ADLDS and other directory services.

The Quest ActiveRoles Quick Connect product is an add-on application to the ActiveRoles server adding identity, access and password synchronization. The latest update includes support for both SharePoint and SAP.


Quest Quick Connect

Managing SharePoint Sites

Many organizations allow SharePoint sites to be created ad-hoc and outside of Active Directory, raising the potential for leaks of secure information to the wrong people. Quick Connect now offers a migration path for these sites to get integrated with Active Directory.

IT can now also do the following:

Learning Opportunities

  • Provision user access in real time
  • Extend access certification reviews to site owners
  • Provide optional policies to disable groups

Provisioning SAP

In addition to supporting SharePoint, organizations that use SAP can leverage Quick Connect to manage its users:

  • Provision SAP accounts
  • Offers the ability to assign SAP roles to manage access to SAP modules

Managing Passwords Between Systems

Password synchronization is also new in this release, providing the ability to synchronize passwords between Active Directory and connected systems.

This is done using the Quick Connect Capture Agent which tracks password changes in AD and pushes out the changes to other systems.

This functionality is available in Quick Connect for Base Systems now. The SharePoint Integration is also available starting at US$ 10 per enabled user, and Quick Connect for SAP Solutions is also available at the same price.