RedDot's Document Management with MOSS

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RedDot, Open Text's Web solutions arm, has announced new integration features for Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007. The new package is called "MOSS 2007 Document Management Integration", and focuses on ... let me check my notes here... document management in Microsoft's Billion Dollar baby.More specifically, RedDot's new product aims to 'Expand the web visibility of "...SharePoint Document Libraries Securely to ... Online Media."If we were in sarcastic mood, we could point out that we know of another product which will do exactly that, and do it pretty well, and that other magical tool is called... SharePoint. Of course that would be trite and mean, and not like us at all.Here's what you get:* Cache a document from SharePoint Server 2007: when permissions limit user access but sharing a document is necessary, RedDot will publish and retain a copy of the document while maintaining security of the SharePoint Server library* Link a document from Sharepoint: users can link documents via the publishing system to any online target with secure controls, from any location. Editors can dynamically access documents lying in SharePoint to freshen up stale web content.* Versioning: Admins can pick and choose between versions, and administrators can be assigned granular permissions to regulate the versions they get to choose between.* Publish document attributes and metadata from SharePoint: content editors can publish document metadata to any online target for classification, search or interactive user insight.Going by the blurb, RedDot's new offering looks like a pretty good way to extend your MOSS playbook for both outward-facing and internal sites. If you're interested, go to RedDot to learn more.