Book on SharePoint Content Management
We told you at the beginning of April of the upcoming release of Andrew Connell's book on SharePoint. Well we finally found it available at almost all book retailers. Called Professional SharePoint 2007 Web Content Management Development: Building Publishing Sites with Office SharePoint Server 2007, the 456 page book published by John Wiley and Sons is the only book known to cover the Web Content Management aspects of SharePoint in detail. Andrew is a big proponent of SharePoint's ability to create highly engaging web content management sites and this book is his attempt to sell us all on it's potential. Chapters in the book cover everything from master pages and page layouts, to content types, navigation, accessibility, workflow, content deployment and a lot more. Oddly enough, the book comes at a time when we hear more about SharePoint's collaboration capabilities than its content management. It seems like lately we don't talk too much about what SharePoint can do from a web content management standpoint. Now that's either because we've finally all settled on the fact that it isn't quite there yet, or we are just way too caught up in this whole social computing discussion where Microsoft seems determined that SharePoint is a leader. In either case, this is a book I would personally like to read, especially considering it's coming from someone who has dedicated his career to learning and understanding how SharePoint works from a web content management perspective. If a book isn't enough for you, Andrew is set to teach some WCM courses -- both online and in person over the next couple of months on SharePoint and Web Content Management.