When it comes to e-Discovery, there are so many parts of the process that companies seek to improve through third party solutions. Today RenewData (news, site) has announced the availability of its Anagram Keyword Development, a solution aimed at improving the thought process.

Human v. Artificial Intelligence

Though not an official part of the EDRM model, the thought process affects the way documents are categorized, tagged, organized and searched. From an early case assessment perspective, it’s hard for us to come up with every possible synonym associated with the relevant documents for which we search. Though we hate to admit, there are limitations to the human brain.

Some solutions disregard human intelligence altogether in exchange for artificial intelligence. But robots are hardly the ones doing the work. That’s why RenewData and its researchers have developed a keyword development service designed to not only improve the thought process, but also make it so that it is a more defensible and reliable method for developing the keywords needed to find responsive documents.

Anagram Keyword Development

We recently spoke with Steven Horan, chief executive officer, Andy Kraftsow, chief scientist and Joe Garber, assistant vice president of product marketing at RenewData about how Anagram Keyword Development can impact the e-Discovery process.

The Race to Relevancy Continues

For them, the race to relevancy drives their solutions. And when it comes to relevancy, keywords are usually the first step to finding relevant docuements. With huge volumes of data to comb through, keywords can help filter content so as to reveal the relevant from the non-relevant.

But what happens if the keywords chosen don’t appropriately encompass the right words? Leaving relevant data behind isn’t just costly, it can also be a legal nightmare. If a company can’t ensure that its method for selecting keywords is explainable and understandable, it could run the risk of sanctions, adverse inferences or malpractice.

Anagram Keyword Development helps to mitigate risk by providing a method for developing keywords that are mechanical, transparent, defensible and precise. Using Anagram’s patent-pending method for extracting, analyzing and displaying the entire vocabulary of the document collection, synonym expansion is also fast and accurate.

As a result, by allowing legal professionals to select keywords from an organized list containing every word in the document collection, companies will have a more robust and accurate keyword collection by which to search.

Current vs. Anagram Method

For example, consider the following:

Task: Suppose you have a price fixing case and one of the issues is: Meetings with Competitors where Price is discussed.

Current Method: Think of every possible synonym


Anagram Method: Choose synonyms from an organized list containing every word in the collection


Anagram Keyword Development is a simple, explainable, defensible keyword selection assistant that works in any language and incorporates acronyms and abbreviations. It can also benefit clients beyond e-Discovery as well, including content management, scientific research and regulatory compliance. To learn more, visit www.renewdata.com/anagram.php.