Reuse Microsoft Office Content With MarkLogic’s New Toolkits

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Only a matter of weeks after it released v4.2 of its server, MarkLogic (news, site) has released a set of Microsoft toolkits that enable users to access content that has been created in Office and reuse it in other documents from within Microsoft Office.

The toolkits, which are available for three of Office’s most widely used components, contain customizable applications for Word, Excel and PowerPoint, enabling authors to tag, search and find previously created content and place it in other documents.

Apart from the fact that it enables authors to use tools that they are comfortable with, it also means thathuge amounts of repeatable content found across enterprises can be used in other documents, saving time by providing content providers more time to create the original content.

MarkLogic and Office

With the new toolkits, developers will be able to build advanced applications directly into Office and, using Office’s native XML format, store the content in the MarkLogic Server, after which it can be accessed and updated by whoever needs it.


MarkLogic Toolkit for Word

The toolkits allow developers to quickly build information applications that extend the functionality of Word 2007, Excel and PowerPoint. They also come with Add-Ins that integrate web-based applications into the interface. The toolkits include:

Learning Opportunities

  • Microsoft Word: A tool kit that enables intelligent content creation and assembly for easy reuse.
  • Microsoft Excel: Pulls content from across Excel spreadsheets including text, formula and metadata.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint: Enables to reuse and repurpose presentations by searching presentations that already exist in the enterprise repository.

MarkLogic’s flagship product is its purpose-built database for managing unstructured information as far as it can be managed. With the release of 4.2 it added considerable enhancements including Information Studio, a browser-based tool for managing information.



One of the key elements to managing information is information re-use. With these three toolkits, MarkLogic gives users a set of tools that enables them to manage information created in one of the enterprise’s most used content creation suites.