With money too tight to mention these days, it is hardly surprising that with the many new versions of the various content management systems coming out, storage and reuse of assets is a priority feature.

So it is with the latest version of Vasont Systems (news, site) enterprise content management system that enables users to store multilingual content once for reuse and delivery to multiple channels. Specifically geared for the publishing industry, the Vasont CMS enables organizations to manage and store multilingual content, both structured and unstructured, in a single database.

Built On Existing Features

Version 12 goes further along the road with this and offers users tighter control over content tracking and reporting, focusing on improving management of business processes around the content.

This latest version, which will be available at the end of this week for both client/server and SaaS, has a number of new features designed for companies that continually update and change their content.

Version 11 already offers companies single-source functionality that enables users to remaster their content to suit the medium they are working in be it web, print or wireless formats.

It also has the ability to manage assets that range from simple text documents to graphics, multilingual text, unstructured documents and multimedia clips.

In addition, the content management system canhandle multiple DTDs (Document Type Definition) that gives users the ability to work in whatever industry standardthey need to, including DITA, SCORM, SocBooks or S1000D.

Learning Opportunities

Uni-code enabled, Vasont also gives organizations the ability to streamline workflows and dramatically cut costs surrounding editing and translation in different languages.

Nine New Features

To this Vasont has added another nine features that will dramatically enhance these existing capabilities.

These include:

  1. A new review package that allows internal and external users edit and markup content, while at the same time being given access simultaneously to feedback from other reviewers.It also allows for automatic document changes.
  2. New project management capabilities that track the progress of a given project across an entire enterprise, with deadline notification and project completion projections.
  3. Redeveloped translation package that gathers all information on a given translation project into one window and provides a multi-tracking function that tracks each translation stream.
  4. XML preview that displays content in a styled view that speeds up editorial processes by making content easy to access and read.
  5. Enhanced content ownership function that increases security by limiting editing capabilities to the person that created the document in the first place. Users can look, but they can’t touch.
  6. For large enterprises, associate administrator functions (updating user permissions, changing content set-ups, etc) that delegate administrator privileges across an entire enterprise breaking up the workload.
  7. Advanced uer-alerts defined by the administrators that keep users up to date automatically on changes in the status of a given project.
  8. Workflow processes duplication allowing users to set up a workflow project once and then apply it across any number of projects. Projects are consistent across entire enterprise.
  9. Content aliases and attributes are set up once and applied across all related content, reducing set-up time and improving accuracy.

Vasont CMS v12 is designed for non-techie users and comes with extensions that allows for the integration of editing, publishing, translation and presentation tools.

Available from next Friday, this is definitely worth a look.