RWD Offers EMC Document Sciences Integration Services

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RWD Offers EMC Document Sciences Integration Services to pharmaceutical, manufacturing and energy sector
EMC appears to have developed a good relationship with RWD Technologies, providers of Performance Management Services and Solutions. RWD has recently announced that it will offer EMC Document Sciences Integration Services to its customers in the pharmaceutical, manufacturing and energy sectors. This is the continuation of a long standing relationship with EMC. EMC Document Sciences xPression 3 is a customer relationship management system (CRM) that automates the creation of customized and personalized business documents.RWD has over 20 years experience is developing and integrating CRM and content management systems. Some of their own solutions include: uPerform, a performance support system, and uBenchmark, a solution that helps organizations understand how their employees interact with business applications. Along with their EMC partnership, they also offer services for SAP and Oracle.Want to understand more about the EMC Integration Services or how you can improve the performance of your contact center? Attend RWD's webinar on October 21 called "Empowering the Contact Center: Leveraging Dynamic Communications to Improve Response Time and Satisfaction".