SAP Integrates EMC Technologies with SAP Software
SAP is making agreements all over the place these days. The latest is an expanded reseller and integration agreement with EMC (newssite) to deliver a well rounded set of solutions for Financial Services Institutions.

SAP and EMC have been playing nice since 1997. Today, more than ever, there is a need to strike strategic relationships with partners that offer complimentary solutions. And that seems to be what EMC and SAP are doing.

This news was hinted at during EMC World last week and only officially announced this week.

Supporting Financial, Insurance Institutions Globally

Under the terms of the new reseller agreement, SAP will be offering a set of new solutions that will leverage the following EMC technologies:

The first of these new solutions is the SAP Insurance Broker Statement Processing by EMC and will be offered sometime later this year as part of SAP's portfolio for the insurance industry. Additional solutions are planned to quickly follow.

SAP doesn't have their own content management offering," Whitney Tidmarsh, chief marketing officer of EMC Information Intelligence Group, told eWEEK. "They've traditionally partnered with other vendors in the market, especially in archiving."

SAP was anxious to fill a gap in content management, particularly in scanning and imaging and customer communications for particular markets."

EMC, SAP and Oracle

With the news that SAP has bought Sybase, some might speculate that this expanded EMC/SAP relationship may change EMC's relationship with Oracle. According to Tidmarsh, Oracle's database is one of the most popular databases for the Documentum enterprise cms:

We clearly partner with Oracle across various parts of EMC. But in our Information Intelligence division, where we're largely centered on content management as one of our key pillars, we clearly compete with Oracle," Tidmarsh said. "But this [the SAP extension] is in no way a strike against Oracle. We will continue to partner with them in the applications and database arena. Oracle remains a top-choice database for our Documentum customers, even. SQL Server as well."

A Company to Watch

While EMC's relationship with SAP is focused on improved business process management, it isn't the only enterprise vendor SAP has established a relationship with. We also announced today that SAP and HP have joined together to launch a new set of business intelligence services.

It seems that a week doesn't go by that we aren't mentioning some sort of news about SAP. Whether they are partnering to expand or create new solutions, or enhancing their own software, SAP is definitely on the move and a company everyone should keep their eye on.