If you still deal with a lot of paper documents, you are probably not alone. Fortunately, there are a number of solutions in the market to help you manage those documents by scanning them into document management systems, like SharePoint. Callisto Managed Scan is one solution that crossed our path. It is designed to use the latest embedding technology on MFDs (Multi Functional Devices) to help you organize your scanned documents easily.

Callisto Managed Scan isn't the only solution that will help you scan paper documents into SharePoint. In the past we've covered solutions by eCopy, Kodak and KnowledgeLake among others.

Callisto Managed Scan Features

When scanning documents using Callisto Managed Scan, you can select important document information or metadata at the point of scan. The metadata is stored in XML format and the document is added to SharePoint as a PDF, PDF searchable text or as a TIFF.

The metadata is indexable which is useful for searching later on within SharePoint.

An example of the MFD interface is shown below.















Once the SharePoint option is selected, the interface is customizable so that specific metadata must be completed with the scan. Through customization, you can integrate with multiple SharePoint folders or document libraries.

All scan activity is monitored and stored in a database, so you can find out exactly what was done and from what device.

Watch a video of how this is done from an MX-series device:

SharePoint is just one of the DataLinks available for Callisto Managed Scan. This solution is another option to consider when looking to get your paper documents into electronic format and into SharePoint for better document and records management.

Learn more about this solution on their website.