There’s a big playground up the street and Microsoft SharePoint is the kid every other kid wants to play with. SchemaLogic is no different. The company has just announced the availability of SchemaLogic Enterprise Suite for SharePoint (MOSS) 2007.SchemaLogic is an Information Management software vendor providing products that help describe, tag and categorize information while also making said information simultaneously searchable across the enterprise. The newest edition to the family of tools enables an enterprise to manage and connect the metadata that describes the information assets stored across SharePoint sites and other enterprise systems. The metadata can then be published out to content management and search systems. Hot on the heels of the product announcement, SchemaLogic also announces they have joined the Microsoft Interop Vendor Alliance, which is a community of software and hardware vendors working to enhance interoperability with Microsoft systems on behalf of their mutual customers (another Microsoft clique). As if this was not enough information, SchemaLogic also announces Chevron as their newest customer. A customer who just happens to be in the process of implementing SharePoint on a global scale as its primary collaboration and content management platform for Microsoft Office documents. Chevron, by the way, is one of Microsoft’s Case Studies for Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007. All these announcements in one day makes for a very busy company. Seems like they may be Microsoft's new best friend. What's next? Sleepovers and treehouses? All this talk about Information Management raises the point that SharePoint is still lacking the capabilities required for an enterprise product. Instead of improving a lack luster search component and their own metadata and tagging capabilities, Microsoft continues to look outside for partnerships that can improve their product and help them move into the enterprise space. If you are looking for more information on how SchemaLogic's products integrate with SharePoint, sign up for their Webcast on November 13, 2007