Vircom Introduces a New Enterprise Email Security Appliance
Email security is at the top of every company's To Do list.

Spam and malicious email continues to wreak havoc globally. The economic recession isn't helping matters any and as a result more end-users are prone to falling victim to financial fraud. Increased sophistication of malware attacks coupled with the risk for data loss and compromised security, email has become more costly to manage, particularly for complex, information-driven organizations.

Vircom understands. The email security solutions company introduces the mBlade. Specially designed to support high traffic and complex network environments, the mblade can help the Enterprise and Service Provider markets across all verticals.

An Email Security Appliance

The mBlade has great ambitions of solving "specific issues caused by email-borne threats" and addressing the growing concern of securing data and ensuring business continuity.

Facilitated by a flexible content management technology that can be customized based on business policy and legislative directives, the mBlade appliance is optimized for processing up to 17 million email messages per day -- "almost double those of the competitors."

In addition, the mBlade is a green machine, working to secure a leading Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS) rating for energy efficiency.

The standard mBlade includes:

  • Two Intel® Xeon 5130 2GHz Dual Core Processors
  • 4 hot swap SATA drives and 16G DDR II RAM
  • Built-in RAID 5 configuration

It also supports:

  • Up to 8 SATA drives
  • Two Quad Core Processors
  • Up to 32G DDR II RAM and RAID 0, 1, or 10.

Possibly proving that managing emails can be secure, both for IT and the environment, Vircom's mBlade can support larger, more complex organizations. And like all Vircom's technology, integration with the Microsoft remains a key differentiator, with storage, user profiles and back-up/recovery all managed through a single interface.