Sword gadget gives EMC users cutting edge
With the amount of sensitive content floating around enterprise content management systems it is hardly surprising that ‘security’ is becoming an increasingly important issue, especially given the number of companies that are beefing up their web presence.

Only last week, US data and email security firm Websense introduced a new Web Gateway appliance that allows companies access Web 2.0 sites without security concerns.

This week, UK-based Sword Group, a provider of high value and hi-tech business applications, has unveiled a new gadget that will allow enterprise content management integration for Google Apps.

And the clincher -- using the gadget can access complex ECM repositories that are firewalled up to the hilt.

Security Is Primary IT Business Concern

The problem is that for large companies to avail of cloud applications like Google Apps there must be water-tight integration between it and internal corporate systems, such as an enterprise content management system.

A recent survey conducted by California-based Kelton Research, for IT Seattle consultancy Avanade, Inc showed IT executives displayed considerable hesitancy in switching to cloud-based applications. The principal reason cited was data security concerns.

Gadget ensures ECM Integrity

The gadget developed by Sword ensures that security for enterprise content management systems by allowing its user to remotely access the ECM through Google Apps.

Sword Group, Google Enterprise Partner, developed the new gadget in conjunction with Google. It specifically allows users of Google Apps Premier Edition to access named repositories like EMC Documentum and IBM FileNet at any time and from any web-enabled mobile device.

Basically, SDC allows secure access to data behind firewall for use in cloud based apps hosted on the App Engine. It leverages Google’s Secure Data Connector (SDC), using a single point of entry through a password-protected domain and through which authorized users can access the designated information on the ECM.


What the Gadget does is to integrate centrally managed fire-walled data by leveraging Google’s Secure Data Connector (SDC) using a single point of entry through a password-protected domain.

SDC requires an agent inside the firewall – in this case the gadget - which connects to servers inside of Google. This gives Google servers policy-controlled access to data businesses have chosen to expose.

The gadget makes this integration non-intrusive and requires no configuration changes in the enterprise CMS environment.

Safe Integration of Cloud Applications

"With the launch of Sword's ECM gadget Google Apps customers can now access to complex behind-the-firewall ECM repositories which are key information silos for enterprises. Using Sword's ECM gadget customers are able to integrate on-premise systems with cloud-based infrastructure to provide a more secure, integrated and hosted ECM solution," Olivier Colinet, technical director, Google Enterprise said.

The development of the gadget is part of an ongoing process that will see the Sword Connect library incorporating customized enterprise connectors and gadgets. The development corresponds with an increasing demand on vendors to provide solutions that will allow companies harness the benefits of cloud computing.