sharemethods enterprise document collaboration
In these green and technologically advanced times, users are sharing more.

Such is the case of document management. Collaboration is high demand and ShareMethods, a on-demand collaborative document management company for small and medium sized businesses, has noticed. They just announced the release of ShareSpaces, a private, interactive workspace for creating, managing and sharing content and files with individuals and partners throughout an organization's ecosystem in a controlled and secure environment.

Capitalizing on the need for more transparency, companies are encouraged to be more open -- and yet more secure as employees work together across organizational boundaries. From clients around the world, to salespeople working remotely to vendors and partners, the ability to share and manage sales and marketing collateral, contracts and customer documents is crucial.Unfortunately, online document collaboration doesn't always feature highly customizable options.

ShareSpaces enables companies to connect everyone in the sales and marketing value chain - prospects, customers, salespeople, partners, and marketing and advertising teams - into social "workspaces" where they can collaborate -- and ideally complete projects faster.

On ShareSpaces, content can be copied and distributed between different sections, allowing companies and partners to create hierarchical and interconnected networks, as well as offering document versioning, workflow, and community features such as rating, reviews, and tagging.

Learning Opportunities

Iterations of the product:

  • Business Partner ShareSpace allows users can interact with partners and resellers for the purpose of exchanging sales, marketing, and product documents.
  • Customer Opportunity ShareSpace enables them to share sales materials with new business prospects and key customers -- proposals, pricing, spec sheets, and more.
  • Sales Contract ShareSpace works with sales prospects and external legal counsel on contracts, allowing the creation, modification and contract signing to occur within the ShareSpace.
  • Ad Agency ShareSpace collaborates with ad agencies and design firms on the creation and approval of new branding images and ad creative.

ShareSpaces works in association with ShareMethods'collaborative document management technology, and is fully integrated with and Oracle CRM On-Demand, as well as EchoSign, an e-contract service that allows documents in a ShareSpace to be automated for electronic signature.

Available publicly this month, the ShareSpaces app lets companies can create an unlimited number of ShareSpaces, variably priced based on per user, per month usage. Check it out at