SharePoint 2010 Gets a CMIS Connector
It's official, SharePoint 2010 (newssite) now has its own CMIS Connector, packaged into the latest version of the SharePoint 2010 Administration Toolkit.

SharePoint and CMIS

Microsoft has been involved with the CMIS specification process from the beginning. As one of the original vendors that drafted the specification, they have also been one of the last to announce official support.

Now this is partly due to SharePoint 2010 being a work in progress while the CMIS spec went through the OASIS ratification process. Microsoft has said from the beginning when they first started filling our heads with visions of SharePoint 2010 that it would support the spec -- but only once it was official.

Well CMIS -- content management interoperability specification -- is an official OASIS standard now, and SharePoint 2010 is no longer a dream - it is a reality. For those who were patiently waiting to see what support SharePoint would have for CMIS -- the wait is over.

The CMIS Connector for SharePoint

Packaged as part of the SharePoint 2010 Administration Toolkit, which you can down now, here's a look at the two features that come with the Connector:

  • A CMIS Producer for SharePoint that makes SharePoint lists and document libraries available to other systems using the CMIS interfaces.
  • A CMIS Consumer Web Part, enabling content from other CMIS supported repositories to be displayed and edited within SharePoint.

It is important to note that the CMIS Connector is not supported for SharePoint Foundation 2010. I expect there will be a few disappointed developers out there with this news, but it really shouldn't be that surprising considering CMIS deals with "enterprise" content management.