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SharePoint Solutions has just announced a new add-on for SharePoint Server 2007 and WSS3.0. It's called Alert Manager 2007 and it provides some improvements to the already popular Alert functionality in SharePoint.The ability to provide alerts to users is a very popular feature for many content management systems and SharePoint has it. It's just not that robust. So SharePoint Solutions, a Microsoft Partner, has gone out and built an improved version - apparently better than a few others who have tried and fallen short of the mark.Alert Manager 2007 integrates with the existing user interfaces of both MOSS and WSS3.0. It provides a centralized management feature where administrators can manage alerts for all users at the farm, web and site collection levels.Some of the features of this add-on include:* The ability to create customized alert templates* The aility to subscribe not just oneself, but other users to alerts on any list, library or item * The ability to manage alerts for one or more users in a site* The ability to search for users to add to alerts using various attributes such as login or email address or by using wildcards, partial words or pattern matching* The ability to create a dynamic list of users to send alerts to* And more...Lots of really good functionality packaged in this product. Bad news is it will cost you. It's a per server license (front-end web server that is) that will run you about US $1000/license.Something to check out before you buy though is the Alert Pipeline available on codeplex for free. It's a part methodology, part software tool that enables you to develop custom code that will fire for an alert. Maybe not in the same category of capabilities as the Alert Manager 2007 - but depending on your needs, it may not have to be.