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When SharePoint first came to market it was called an Enterprise Content Management System. Since then, its actual use has varied widely. Many say it's not a complete ECM platform because it lacks a number of important Enterprise CMS capabilities.

ECM provider Open Text (news, site) has built a strong partnership relationship with Redmond. Drawing upon that and broad field experience their latest analysis aims to separate fact from fiction.

Investing in SharePoint

Around three years ago, Open Text took a leap of faith and invested heavily in understanding and developing solutions designed for the SharePoint platform. They looked at SharePoint and understood the value it could provide and where it needed to be strengthened.

With a strategic relationship with Microsoft -- including an office in the Microsoft Partner Solution Center in Redmond -- Open Text sees SharePoint as a process-based collaborative environment to create and manage documents and other enterprise content. It's also very easy to install and set up, making it a good option for SMBs and departments -- a little too easy.

The Grassroots Are Dirty

SharePoint has enjoyed a kind of grassroots deployment model that has helped bring more organizations into the enterprise content management fold, and has made SharePoint Microsoft's fastest growing product ever. The problem is, many of the SharePoint implementations tend to be siloed and maintained at the department level.

This can make things tricky for an organization who needs to be aware of what is happening with their corporate information for regulatory compliance reasons, or for those who just need easy access to all their data.

For their part, Microsoft has strongly encouraged a partner ecosystem that fills SharePoint's gaps. Partners like Open Text build integrated solutions to provide a richer content management experience without forcing users out of their comfort zone.

But where are the lines between these things? And what should you expect to get out of the box?

Is SharePoint an Enterprise CMS?

If you want to understand the true capabilities of SharePoint and how it meets typical enterprise content management needs, Open Text can help.

The company is holding an online event on May 13, 2009 at 12pm EDT, 9am PDT called "SharePoint as an ECM Platform – Truth or Fiction?".

During this webinar you will get more information about SharePoint including:

  • How you can scale your SharePoint environment effectively
  • Impact on infrastructure costs
  • Can SharePoint satisfy all your ECM needs

Whether you have already implemented SharePoint and want to understand how to make it work better, or you are still on the fence, this webinar will give you the information you need to make smart decisions on how to use SharePoint.

Does this catch your eye? You can register here.