Luminosity Content Server Offers Microsoft SharePoint Integration for eLearning
CM Group, a provider of e-learning software and services, has recently announced a new component to Luminosity Content Server that will allow for integration into Microsoft Office SharePoint Server. This integration will give enterprises more personalized options for educating employees with virtual learning material.

Luminosity and Luminosity Content Server

Luminosity allows organizations of all sizes to create and maintain virtual learning material and provides distribution tools used to publish content in various formats. These materials can be used to educate workers or customers. For businesses especially, it is becoming much more cost-effective to provide workers with interactive virtual learning materials, than to conduct the time-consuming one-on-one education. CM Group's managing director, Tim Buff, believes that Luminosity Content Server can help businesses train employees, while keeping track of progress that is, hopefully, being made. Luminosity Content Server takes off from the functionality provided by Luminosity, but then provides a centralized location for that content to be managed and viewed, where users can access the learning materials and track their progress. Also, reports can be generated about employees' progress in the virtual learning environment, so that businesses can better understand their employees and their needs through this functionality.

Which Brings Us to SharePoint Integration

Courses from Luminosity Content Server can now be hosted within a SharePoint site using the SharePoint Connector provided by CM Group. The SharePoint portal will allow this content to be properly targeted to users, who no longer need to visit separate sites, as it is all presented within a familiar interface that the user regularly interacts with. "This is great news for managers, who can use the full range of LCS reports to increase their visibility of employee development and identify potential skills shortages effectively," said Buff. The SharePoint Connector from CM Group simply serves as an easier way for employees to access training material. This connector is available as an optional add-on component for Luminosity Content Server, and it is compatible with Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.