Sherpa's New eDiscovery Tool Eases Review of ESI
Traditionally, Sherpa is the name given to those who work as guides for mountaineering expeditions in the Himalayas, demonstrating great mountaineering skills.

Perhaps that’s why Sherpa Software (news, site), an eDiscovery and archiving software company, has released Discovery Attender version 3.5. Its designation as an automation tool that investigates tasks in PST files, Exchange mailboxes, public folders and common storage areas makes is a sort of an expert guide through the hazardous terrain that is email, archiving and compliance.

Discovery Attender Tools

This newest version of Discovery Attender includes many helpful features, which complement other Sherpa Software’s components. In Archive Attender, for example, it allows users to search archived data as a searchable mail store, while letting users comb through exceptions found during the search. 

Using a Combines Exceptions Log, exception details are stored in one location, making ESI more efficient to collect, group, review and export for further processing.

However, there are other tools in our trusty guide’s bag that can assist users in locating and producing ESI, including:

  • Text Viewer with Hit Highlighting -- presents files and messages with keyword hits revealed as highlighted text
  • Export to EML -- exports messages from PSTs, Mailboxes or Archives to the widely used EML message format
  • Wizard Interface -- The Advanced Results Filter and Deduplication screens have been simplified to use a wizard-based setup

eDiscovery is No Easy Task

Let’s face it. Tackling eDiscovery can feel a lot like climbing the Himalayas. Entrusting your information, whether electronically stored or not, is a big decision.

The folks at Sherpa Software know that there are lots of different vendors willing to handle the task. They hope that users will appreciate the way that Discovery Attender v.3.5 is able to handle the bulk and awkwardness of a company’s information with ease.

Designed to be as non-invasive as possible, as well as to reduce costs and time, the real value of Discovery is like that of a good Sherpa -- shielding users from the challenges faced when searching new territories, or old ones for that matter.