SiberLogic has just released SiberSafe On-Demand - a SaaS subscription-based CMS platform for managing XML data. SiberSafe is a content management system aimed at technical communications departments and technical documentation teams. Making the technology 'On Demand' now allows such users to set up a SiberSafe system rapidly and with lower implementation costs.According to SiberLogic, full SiberSafe functionality is preserved in the On Demand product. You can start off with a partial implementation to try it out; try one or two user accounts. If you like what you see, buy more accounts and ditch your old XML CMS framework. Otherwise just drop SiberSafe when the subscription runs out. Such are the benefits of SaaS (Software as a Service). SiberSafe On Demand offers out-of-the-box configuration choices of DTD-DITA, DocBook or MIL-STD 2361, each complete with sample templates and stylesheets. Also bundled is SiberSafe Communicator, the company's XML authoring tool, and its integrated publishing tool. However, you can leave SiberLogic's editing and publishing tools in the box and continue to use XMetal or FrameMaker or whatever your team prefers. The product costs $799 per month for the first pair of users (one author and one reviewer). It drops to $275 per user for 10+ users. There are no other initial costs - you just sign up and away you go. Customers signing up before the end of January will receive access for one additional author free of charge for the first year. Interested? Go on down to SiberLogic. If you decide to try it out, let us know what you think.