SnapLogic (news, site) has extended its data integration platform, the SnapLogic DataFlow Server to support Java, opening the SnapStore to the Java Developer Community.

Supplying Enterprise Connectivity

You know you don't want to custom build data connections to your applications, but you do know you need to have some way to share data between them. SnapLogic may be the answer you need.

The SnapLogic DataFlow Server is core of the DataFlow platform, allowing the connection to just about any application regardless of where it resides: the cloud, as a SaaS application or other web application. It manages the instantiation and execution of connectors, data pipelines and other applications.

The next version of the SnapLogic DataFlow Server has just been released, offering new connectivity for Java and a number of other enhancements that will connect you directly into web resources.


SnapLogic DataFlow Server

Supporting the Java Community

Version 2.2 of the DataFlow Server offers transparent support for Java. Features of this release include:

Learning Opportunities

  • The ability to mix and match Java and Python components in standard SnapLogic pipelines. To make development easier, component APIs for Python and Java are very similar.
  • Faster execution for computational tasks
  • Enhanced parallelism by enabling Java components to run in parallel with Python components
  • Access to a wide number of databases via JDBC

With new Java support, Snaps, which include connectors, pipelines and data transformations, can be built in Java and made available on the SnapStore online marketplace.

In addition, DataFlow Server 2.2 allows developers to provide parameters for all connection properties at runtime.

There are two versions of the DataFlow Server available: Core, a single user edition and Pro, a multi-user edition that includes enterprise Snaps, Java components and more. MindTouch has a partnership with SnapLogic for its enterprise integration solutions as does

You can try out the software before making a final decision to buy.