SpringCM (newssite) has announced the latest release of its popular cloud ECM platform. The latest update to SpringCM’s platform makes it easier for non-technical users to automate document and workflow applications.

Faster Process Automation, Workflow and Document Management

It should come as no surprise that the most recent release of SpringCM’s cloud ECM solution focuses on improving ease of use -- it’s been the focus of almost every quarterly release. The company promises to deliver content management at a lower cost with less complexity, and the features in the current release seem well aligned with the promise.

Key improvements in the new release include:

  • Enhanced e-forms and metadata functionality that enables easier and faster deployment of SpringCM.
  • More automated pick-list management. Users can now manage pick-list values from ERP, CRM and other systems connected to the ECM platform. This ensures knowledge users have the most current data and eliminates manual effort associated pick-list maintenance.
  • Inclusion of field masks for e-forms. This reduces errors and exceptions due to improperly formatted data.
  • Inclusion of external content and websites and the ability to assign attributes and search on them with a new feature to store Web links or URLs.
  • Elimination of file downloads and printing with enhanced online document viewing.
  • User interface enhancements based on customer usability research and metrics.

According to Roger Bottum, vice president of marketing, SpringCM,

Learning Opportunities

Capabilities -- such as integration with ERP data and workflow that real business users can configure on their own -- make it easier, faster and more affordable for organizations to move away from the on-premise content management trap and start delivering real business value.”

ECM in the Cloud

Gartner is conservatively predicting that only 10% of enterprise content will be cloud-hosted by 2015. ECM vendors like SpringCM are betting the analysts are wrong. And it's features like these that make cloud-based ECM solutions fit nicely into CIO plans as they move more and more IT capabilities to the cloud.

The latest version of SpringCM’s cloud ECM is available now to customers.