StoredIQ Analyze Anywhere: A New Approach to Early Case Assessment

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Analyze Anwhere with StoredIQ
Is your data wild? Unruly, even? For data in the wild, StoredIQ (news, site) lets you Analyze Anywhere. That’s the name of their new early case assessment solution (ECA) that enables users to perform early case analysis on data, well anywhere.

CMSWire spoke with Ellis Ishaya, Vice President of Operations about Analyze Anywhere and how it can change how we think about and conduct ECA.

Go Deeper, Get Richer

Previously indexed data is collected at the source so that responsive data can be assessed quickly and efficiently, assisting legal counsel to formulate a legal strategy and make decisions concerning the matter.

Prior to any collection of data, legal counsel can use Analyze Anywhere to finely tune searches, review analytics and modify custodian lists. By being able to narrow data precisely, users can access what Ishaya calls a “richer set of information” beyond what other traditional custodian platforms can do.

Not only does Analyze Anywhere let users do as it says, but it constantly evaluates and analyzes data. Using natural language processing, and not semantic-based analytics, Analyze Anywhere breaks down keywords and understands their context, which makes for more accurate searches.


Analyze Anywhere Moves ECA into the Wild

Learning Opportunities

Compress the EDRM and Save Instantly

Powered by a legal-friendly eDiscovery workflow that incorporates flashy visuals, detailed reports and an improved dashboard interface, users can keep count of files eliminated from consideration, and calculate, automatically, the potential savings from the formal review cycle.

Analyze Anywhere’s approach to early case assessment attempts to compress the EDRM model, making it possible for legal counsel to analyze data much earlier in the process and without needing to move it, saving time, money and sanity.

What Next?

Ishaya says that Analyze Anywhere will be available by the end of the quarter, with private beta testing currently underway.

For now, however, StoredIQ looks to the future. When asked what’s next on their horizon, internationalism comes to mind first. With many offices looking to expand globally, StoredIQ works to expand their delivery capabilities. Looks like Analyze Anywhere could go everywhere.