Swiss CMS Vendor, Day, Launches Developer Portal and Blog

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Day Software, global content management and content infrastructure software extraordinaire, has launched dev.day.com, a corporate blog and portal by content experts, for content experts. Designed to encourage communication among those who share ideas and interests around content-related topics, dev.day.com is aimed toward software developers and includes news and commentary surrounding JSR 170, the Java Content Repository (JCR) application programming interface (API) for stored content; representational state transfer (REST), open source and other related topics and technologies.dev.day.com publishes content contributed by company employees who are experts in file sharing, task, collaboration and content management. The site explores JCRs and related technologies and is moderated by Michael Marth, an industry expert on Java and Open Source technologies. dev.day.com also covers core repository software like Apache Jackrabbit and Day's content repository CRX, open source platforms, JCR-based Web frameworks such as Sling and content management systems like Day's Communiqué (CQ). "Day employees are passionate about the content management industry and we are eager to facilitate discussions with our peers via our new developer portal," said David Nuescheler, Day's chief technology officer and the spec lead for JSR 170 and JSR 283. "Developers, architects and technology visionaries are seeking a forum for continued education and knowledge-sharing. Considering our expertise with Web and content standards, enterprise content and social media applications, Day aims to provide a venue for innovation and share our thoughts on the industry with potential colleagues, partners and customers. We look forward to garnering interest in dev.day.com, and will use it to share our research and innovations with a worldwide audience at a very early stage."Day bloggers include Roy Fielding, Day's chief scientist and co-founder of the Apache Software Foundation, Lars Trieloff who joined Day from Mindquarry, Nuescheler and Marth. The new site is powered by Day CRX. Marth will add wikis and mailing lists, so contributors can add content about lessons learned, projects they've created and details on code.Visit dev.day.com to subscribe to RSS feeds by author.