Understand why IBM purchased Aptrix, and how it might impact your content management strategy. By Tony Higham, Chief Solutions Officer, FatWire Software, Technical Editor, WebSphere Advisor Magazine When IBM acquires a company and its technologies, it's important to assess how that impacts your technology strategy. In an effort to gain a clear picture of the reasoning behind IBM's recent acquisition of Aptrix and how it will affect the WebSphere and Lotus communities, I did quite a bit of research and chatted with IBM Lotus' Director of Workplace Document and Web Content Management Marketing Michael Loria. ... IBM has attempted to build WCM capabilities into its products that are highly dependent on content, such as the portal. However, these capabilities have fallen short of customer needs, leading IBM to use a best-of-breed approach with a third-party content management systems. Recognizing this, IBM established partnerships with vendors such as Aptrix, FatWire, Interwoven, Stellent, and Vignette to provide a total solution. The negative effect of a solution that includes a third-party vendor is it often slows down the implementation due to separate contracts and additional integration effort. This translates to a slower time-to-value, which IBM defines as the time between when the customer signs a check for the software and being truly productive with the software. ... There are three products in the Aptrix suite: Content Server, Connect, and Portlet Connector. Content Server is the Web content management product and the focus of this article. The Connect product (which is part of the Content Server product) connects to and aggregates content from back-end systems so that it can be managed and published. Portlet Connector makes managed content available to WebSphere Portal. There are two versions of Content Server, one for the Lotus Domino platform, and a Java version for the WebSphere platform. IBM will provide both versions on the CD and intends to use CPU-based prices that don't differentiate between the Domino and Java versions. The technology roots of Aptrix are with Domino, and therefore the majority of customer deployments (more than 95 percent) are based on Domino. Aptrix released the Java version of Content server for WebSphere at the beginning of 2003. Read the full article.