Vignette, another yet un-acquired provider of Enterprise CMS solutions, has announced a strategic relationship with Microsoft to deliver media solutions on the Microsoft platform. They're delivering rich media -- video, audio, flash, VOIP, and more -- to any Internet-enabled device including Windows-based PCs, Windows Mobile, set-top boxes and the XBox 360 console. Right to your home, here comes Microsoft rich media via Vignette.The announcement came on the second day of Vignette Village, Vignette’s annual user conference which brings together enterprise content management professionals from around the world. As part of the relationship, the two software companies will work together to help ensure content stored in a 2007 Microsoft Office or Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007 repository (including subscription-based and paid-for content downloaded to a PC) can be managed and delivered to any Internet-enabled device through Vignette services. Explaining the strategy behind the alliance, Larry Warnock, chief marketing officer at Vignette, said, "This relationship reinforces our commitment to leveraging the growing SharePoint installed base in business and paves the way for Vignette and Microsoft to significantly impact how rich media is consumed in the home." "As we see this convergence of telco, media and entertainment continue, it will become increasingly important for organizations like Microsoft, who are helping drive this trend, to ensure the seamless management and delivery of rich multimedia content into the home," Warnock explained. Telco, media and entertainment delivered seamlessly. Vignette’s family of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions helps businesses manage records, documents, web pages, images, multimedia, and other unstructured content. The company has recently been retooling its messaging from "Enterprise Content Management" more towards "Next-Generation Web Solutions". Vignette describes this next generate as increasing multimedia-centric -- television programs, movies, music and photos -- and has brought focus to a host of client devices including Windows-based PCs, Windows Mobile, set-top boxes and the XBox 360 console. The company is continuing with this direction, having just announced a similar partnership with Sun Microsystems.