The enterprise communication rogues at Thunderhead have just released v3.5 of their software. And for those seeking a catalytic spark of awesome for their business communications needs, it may just be the perfect brand of shock therapy.“Since its founding, Thunderhead has focused on empowering business users and streamlining the process for creating and managing business communications,” says VP of Product Marketing Nick Tuson. “With our 3.5 release, we are providing business users with the ability to further accelerate the review, revision and approval of their critical business content.”Thunderhead enables businesses to manage personalized and transaction-based communications across media channels like print, fax, web, email, SMS and industry-specific XML schemas. Its open standards-based core and user-centric design have made it an intuitive enterprise option for enterprise communications solutions-seekers.Three design pillars make up the Thunderhead manifesto: innovation, business usability and enterprise readiness. Toward this end, Thunderhead 3.5 focuses on incorporating a number of new options that enhance Thunderhead's stock business usability features and existing reporting capabilities.Ad-hoc, high volume batch and real-time doc generation functionality are emphasized to build a scalable solution for multi-channel business communication requirements. v3.5 also bears an intuitive template comparison utility and full support for internationalization, an ever-increasing concern for businesses seeking love outside their nation's borders. In this case, internationalization can be used to describe a number of features that exist in new component content management solutions that focus on repurposing data for dissemination across multiple media channels and languages.Noteworthy new features include:* Web-based management reporting tools * Side-by-side template comparison, for gauging differences between content and business logic between templates * Internationalized platform, which enables the entire product (including interface and resources) to be fully translated into any language. The Thunderhead Enterprise Communications Platform 3.5 will be available in July 2007. Non-English versions will be available later in the year.If you can't wait that long, hit the FileNet IBM ECM User Conference in Rome, Italy, taking place from now to the 25th, where Thunderhead is exhibiting at booth 23.