Thunderhead NOW Gets a New XML Repository Module
Not only is Thunderhead reporting record growth for the first half of this year, they are also announcing a new component to their Thunderhead NOW enterprise communication platform. This new component called NOW Context Engine forms the core of Thunderhead’s new analytic and management information functionality.

What is the NOW Context Engine

In May, we brought you the news that Thunderhead had released version 4 of it's flagship solution NOW with 2 new modules and role-based functionality. They appear to be high on Forrester's list of innovators in the interactive communications category. This new addition to the NOW platform appears to be another innovation that may drive new customers to their door. The Context Engine is a scalable XML repository that will store the complete history of a customer's communications through the Thunderhead platform including things like promotions, offers and other marketing content. Organizations will be able to utilize this historical information to help determine the future content aimed at the customer, thus ensuring the information is relative to the customer's needs. The new module will be able to integrate with existing CRM systems as well as Thunderhead's own analytical tools, like Analyze NOW. Thunderhead CEO Glen Manchester had this to say about the new Context Engine Module, "Our NOW Context Engine will make it possible for Thunderhead clients to truly understand the outcomes of their various communications and their impact on key strategic issues such as the customer experience and retention."

IBM Becomes the Technical Foundation of the Context Engine

To provide this scalable XML solution, Thunderhead entered into a strategic OEM agreement with IBM. The Context Engine uses IBM's DB2 pureXML solution as its foundation. It will be interesting to see if Thunderhead will take on the CMIS specification for its NOW solution, especially considering this new agreement with IBM. The NOW Context Engine isn't available in October, 2008. We are assuming it's an add-on option like the other modules available, although they do refer to it as a "core component". Until then, take a trip through the Thunderhead site to learn more about multi-channel communications and Thunderhead's NOW solution offerings.