TWiki 5.1 Community Lets Organizations Collaborate on Documents, Media

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TWiki 5.1 Community Lets Organizations Collaborate on Documents, Media
Enterprise collaboration need not be complicated, as the developers of TWiki would want to establish. With the latest release of TWiki, users can run a document management system, knowledge base or project development space within an intranet or the Internet without the need to learn extensive programming skills. The latest release of TWiki, at version 5.1, introduces usability enhancements, improved profile pages and automatic backup features.

TWiki distinguishes itself as a simple platform that organizations can use to run various kinds of collaborative web spaces. The latest update to TWiki Community Edition brings about several usability improvements, but the main highlight is the fact that the platform is now supposedly more appealing to non-technical users. "Over the last two years, we morphed the community to be more end-user focused," says project founder Peter Theony, who likewise invites potential collaborators to pitch in to the open-source project.

Release Highlights

Improved Usability -- TWiki 5.1 improves usability by adding in-place editing of several forms, as well as a picture selector for editing of profile pages. The release also includes includes point-and-click bookmarking, in-place editing of group settings, point-and-click user data management and support for persons with disabilities in the login and password forms.

API Improvements -- This release also caters to more advanced users and includes a macro language with parameterized variables, as well as relative heading levels for Include and Search functions.

Security Improvements -- TWiki 5.1 improves security with a flag for password change on next login, as well as s/mime support for notification emails.

Learning Opportunities

Plugin Improvements -- A new backup and restore plugin is introduced for easier management of data backups, upgrades and restore procedures. The release also includes updates for form field color-picking, spreadsheets in pages and a plugin for persistent storage of variables.

Better Enterprise Collaboration

While previous versions of TWiki focused on outside-facing websites and wikis, this 5.1 release highlights several features that will be more attuned to an enterprise setup. For one, profile pages are more visual and include information fields that are appropriate to the workplace. The software's statistics and analytics pages have also been improved to better gauge the performance of each page and item.

Data is also safe and secure with TWiki's new backup management plugins, which can be used to create and restore backups both from the command line and from a web-based interface. This backup plugin can likewise be used on older versions of TWiki, which makes it easier to upgrade from an earlier version to this latest 5.1 release.

TWiki is an on-premise installation, and offers flexible licensing terms, which includes a free, open-source community release for organizations looking into cost savings. TWiki also offers ProjectSpaces OnDemand edition, targeted at enterprises, with inclusive enterprise support plan.