Vamosa Joins OASIS CMIS Tech Committee

There's a new player at the OASIS CMIS Technology Committee table. Vamosa is a provider of Information Logistics -- which basically means they help you with your content in any way possible. From moving, to monitoring, to maintaining and manipulating, Vamosa knows how to make your content work.

Makes sense they would want to be a part of the Content Management Interoperability Specification (just felt like saying that whole thing...). CMIS will provide structure for how organizations need to make their content available for cross-repository chatter.

Vamosa on CMIS

A company like Vamosa will need to be on the leading edge of that specification if they really want to help their customers. Because, like Alan Pleze-Sharp of CMSWatch believes, "CMIS will be a success, in part due to its simplicity and focus. And we need to remember how success will be measured. True success will have nothing to do with the number of vendors that come out with CMIS implementations; rather it will be the number of onsite applications that use CMIS to integrate systems, that will determine success." That's the role Vamosa will play, practical application.

According to Vamosa CTO, Ijonas Kisselbach, CMIS is a necessary development for the industry. Having a specification like this in place allows customers to focus on the quality of their content and it's reusability and not get mired down in technical integration issues.

A Focus on Content Itself

"Vamosa has always championed the users of content management systems by developing automated tools and best practice methods to get content in the right format, in the right place at the right time” explains Nic Archer, SVP Solutions at Vamosa.

Archer says that with CMIS in place Vamosa can focus their efforts on helping clients with metadata, content and structure updates -- something they "have always excelled at".

Vamosa says to expect some big news in 2009 regarding the ability to monitor and fix content types in real-time. Sounds intriguing -- we'll keep you updated.