Vasont Simplifies Single-Source CMS Bogart

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In an ongoing effort to refine (and define) single-source content management, Vasont releases Vasont 11, the latest version of the powerful solution intended to help businesses better organize multi-tiered, structured and repetitive but multi-lateral information. Sound convoluted? Baby, you don't know the half of it.Confident that "Vasont users will be impressed with release 11," Vasont President and CEO Richard Schiding explains, "The focus for Vasont 11's improvements is 'ease of use.' We've dramatically simplified [its] usability, navigation and design. Our goal is to provide the most robust yet user-friendly single-source content management system on the market."Promising "ease of use" in reference to the elusive concept of single sourcing is no small blessing. Occasionally called component content management, single sourcing vaguely encompasses the method of developing paragraphs in isolation and combining them to form documents. The process is used for large document collabo projects in which there are multiple variables that must unite, such as when you have a document that must be translated into several languages and reused many times. In terms of a formal definition and measurable results, single-source content management remains slippery, though multiple CMS professionals have begun trying to pin it down. Efforts to do so include a big one CMS Watch and the Rockley Group, who are working on a Component Content Management Report that focuses on single-source content management. With Vasont 11, organizations can store multilingual content for fluid reuse and delivery across multiple means of access. The new system includes a slew of fresh features, a few of which we outline below.Usability Enhancements* Relevant information at user fingertips. This is done with a set of detail panes that include the content's properties and relationships, allowing for greater productivity and a better sense of context.* User customization options, including a to-do list option based on active workflow tasks.* Simpler, newer user interface. We love how lately the definition of a better interface is always a simpler one.* A modern and more intuitive design, which suggests Vasont's had a lift to match new aesthetic standards for Web 2.0.Productivity Enhancements* Variant and normalization - the ability to reuse more content by making similar content the same with the new normalization feature. Additionally, users can create variants by relating similar content.* A simplified query interface that operates in "plain English" and uses complex search syntax where users can't see it.* Refining options, which narrows displayed content to what is most relevant to each individual* Text tracking for Microsoft Word - content on Word Docs are tracked and kept in sync. When content is reused, the authors are alerted of changes and may update as necessary.Admin Enhancements* An option filter, for administrators to better find and apply appropriate processing options. They can do this with multiple components at one time to "customize" their user experience* Content-broad relationships, so users in different departments can relate once-disparate content and build relationships across different types of content.* LDAP integration for enterprise security with one login per user.* Architecture migration to asynchronous server side processing, allowing users to keep working while processes run.You can imagine how much time and money can be saved if the still-fluxing single sourcing process can be streamlined without too much software installation heartache. In addition to Vasont, another solution that caters to this challenge is DITA v1.1, which shines most brightly when used for tailoring highly specific forms of information management.Pennsylvania-based Vasont has more than 55 years of experience in information, document management and publishing. Prime purveyors of content management software and data services, they assist a number of Fortune 1000 companies in getting their e-doc acts together. For more info on Vasont or to take a gander at v11, hit the Vasont website.