Vignette has announced further integration of its flagship portal product (read Epicentric's acquired portal server) by adding new features supporting collaborative workspaces. Ok, so this posting is a bit off topic, being largely focused on Vignette's new collaboration features, but the release also spends some time lauding the relative success of Vignette's [Epicentric] portal server in the market. Why are we posting this here? Because there is a question begged (or perhaps just lingering in our minds) in the article. According to the cited research conducted by Morgan Stanley, the Vignette portal is #3 in implementations behind IBM and home-brewed solutions. The convergence and inter-relations between CMS and portals is a market fact these days. And again, IBM is number one in portals. So here's the question: When is IBM going to get their CMS ducks in a row? The recent acquisition of Aptrix is (in our opinion) not the answer here. Atprix is Web CMS, but it is based on a Lotus Domino solution. The question lingers.. Read the Vignett press release.