Virtify Debuts New SaaS Enterprise CMS, Focuses on Compliance
Many industries face management challenges when it comes to regulatory issues. From the financial sector to the pharmaceutical, figuring out how to best manage, store and archive content while meeting compliance mandates is often a complex process. Thanks to Virtify, a leader in enterprise content management solutions for life sciences companies, things are getting easier.

Today they've announced the release of an end-to-end web based solution aimed at managing content and compliance requirements for all facets of the life science industries. Biotechnology, medical device, animal health and food sciences industries alike, the Virtx software suite offers a collaborative online environment for managing regulated content throughout the entire life sciences product continuum.

Compliance-Based Content Management

By automating a variety of paper-based processes, Virtx comes pre-configured to comply with many different global regulatory standards and mandates. Designed to let collaborative content authoring, archiving and re-use, companies will find that their workflows are free from the inconsistencies and redundancies that may have hindered them before.

Key functions of the Virtx Enterprise Content Management Compliance Software Suite include:

  • Out-of-the-box compliance with existing global electronic submission standards 
  • Best practice, compliant-ready configurations designed to automate compliance with current and evolving global standards
  • Flexibility to license separately (SaaS or perpetual), or in combination as part of an integrated enterprise content compliance solution
  • Shared content repository, which separates content from structure enabling a “create once, publish many” approach to managing regulated content
  • Common metadata repository enabling standard nomenclature across all products improving data accuracy and flow, and overall interoperability across the entire Virtx ECC software suite.

The Virtx suite comes jam-packed with a host of regulatory and enterprise eCompliance products aimed at helping automate, manage and track workflows, compliance records and a variety of other processes.

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