Visual Studio 2010 RC is Available, along with ASP.NET MVC 2 and a new Azure Toolkit

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Visual Studio 2010 RC is Available
Visual Studio 2010 (news, site) is now out as a Release Candidate and available to everyone to try out. Keep in mind it will still have issues and if you want to do Azure or MVC development, there a few things you need to do.

Test and Report your Issues

Scott Gu indicated that the primary purpose for the early public release was to get the product tested as much as possible, particularly around performance and stability.

To run this version, you need to remove both Visual Studio Beta 2 and .NET 4 Beta 2. Also remember that Silverlight 3 and not Silverlight 4 is supported with the RC. Support for Silverlight 4 will come later.

If you do find an issue with this version, submit your bug report at the Visual Studio Connect site and drop Scott Gu an email ([email protected]) with the pointer to the issue you reported as well.

Intellisense Crash Issue has been Fixed

One big issue that was identified after the RC release was that Intellisense was crashing Visual Studio 2010 RC. This appeared to happen on machines that have UI Automation enabled and certain devices -- like the Tablet PC -- connected.

A patch has since been created that you can download and install.

Windows Azure and ASP.NET MVC

A couple of other important notes. There is a new version of the Windows Azure Toolkit. Version 1.1 is for both Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Studio 2010 RC. There are a few bug fixes in this version in addition to a couple of new features.

Learning Opportunities

Before you install version 1.1 you have to remove the version you have installed for Beta 2 of Visual Studio 2010. If you have any issues, there's a post on the blog Project Cool that may help.

And if you are one of the developers getting deep into ASP.NET MVC, there's an order to installing it and the Visual Studio 2010 RC that works best. Earlier this month, a second RC was released for MVC in response to customer feedback. But it's not MVC RC 2 that's in Visual Studio 2010 RC.

If you already have MVC RC2 installed and not Visual Studio 2010 RC then you are okay and don't have to do anything  -- the installation process will recognize a newer version of MVC and won't install the old version. But if you installed VS2010 first, then you have to do some manual changes, as Phil Haack explains in this blog post.

Learn More

Want to learn a bit  more about the release candidate for Visual Studio 2010 before you download and install? There's a video on Channel9 with Visual Studio General Manager Jason Zander that explains some of the bug fixes and does a little demonstration.