There’s a new enterprise resource planning tool on the block. Vorex, a developer of on-demand and licensed ERP and business solutions based in Dallas, Texas, has launched what it’s calling the “most comprehensive ERP solution.”

An Integrated Web-based Suite

Combining project management, human capital management (HCM) and human resources, expense tracking and billing in a single integrated web-based suite, this SaaS solution aims to do what all ERP tools aim to do: increase efficiency, profitability and client satisfaction.

In Vorex’s case, they have bundled the most common business process management tools so as to alleviate the inefficiency of managing functions individually. Accessible from anywhere, it can be managed remotely.

Human Resources

Human resource administrators will be able to manage benefits, open enrollment and update information. With an employee skills database, project managers can identify and assign team members to clients or projects based on documented skill sets.

In the next year, users can expect to see additional modules designed to help business manage on-boarding and off-boarding functions, performance evaluations and goal setting.

Management & Billing

Vorex integrates expense management and invoicing/billing functions within its client management system. Individual consultants and project team members can record project-related expenses. Most of the functionality is now automated from expenditure requests to automatic routing protocols, while project managers can compare actual expenses to the project budget, in real-time.

Performance and Profitability

Now that human resources and project managers can streamline their workflows so as to manage their staff and clients efficiently, company and project managers can see which employees, projects or clients are the most successful and profitable. They can configure access control protocols to ensure the security of all employee and client data is protected.

Built on industry-standard Microsoft .NET technology and SQL databases, HCM ERP is highly reliable. Vorex can cover businesses of every size and budget can with three deployment options:

  • On-premise installation with on-premise data storage: companies can host the core database on their own servers;
  • Full license with co-location: companies can host their data on Vorex’s highly secure and redundant servers;
  • Subscription-based SaaS delivery: smaller businesses can host their data with Vorex.

By being able to streamline every aspect of the human assets management for businesses of any size, HCM ERP automates the entire lifecycle of each employee so that time, energy and success can be maximized.