Enterprise Web CMS vendor, VYRE, fresh from Denmark where cmf2006 went down, headed off to Amsterdam this week for the Digital Asset Management Symposium. The mini European tour is a big deal considering Europe is still an open frontier where the CMS marketplace is concerned. The Online Information conference takes place at month's end in UK's Olympia Grand Hall, London and VYRE will be hopping thereabouts to show-off their spankin' new v4.3 release of VYRE Unify (check out stand # 350). The new Unify version features the following snappy additions: * SCORE. A selective content replication module which allows you to apply business rules and security constraints during content deployment. * DAPS II. An update of VYRE's binary file transformation engine, supporting metadata extraction, advanced Photoshop integration, and additional video file formats. * Integration of simple video editing tools for business users * AJAX Gateways. Developers can create gateways to content repositories and user realms, allowing them to access content asynchronously using client-side scripts. * A whole bunch of translation and localization enhancements To get specifics you can check out the company's feature preview. To be one of the first to check out VYRE's Unify v4.3 and get involved in the Online Information conference (yes, at no cost!) you can register here for the UK event. And don't forget to think of us over your requisite tea and crumpets. VYRE is based in the UK and operates additional offices out of New York. Their VYRE Unify offering is a web-based application building framework and content management solution based on J2EE. They've been around for a while, originally founded in chilly Iceland in 1997 and based on the even less welcoming Microsoft ASP platform.