Keeping Track with Automation Centre's TrackerSuite.Net 3.0
It's hard to think of a job at the enterprise level where collaboration isn't a part of one's job description. For better or for worse, no one really holes up in their office/cubicle/basement, refusing engagement with the outside world. In fact, many of us can't even go on vacation and disconnect fully from our jobs.

The issue is no longer a question of should we collaborate, but rather how can we best collaborate and get our work done effectively and productively. Enter Automation Centre. They provide advanced team collaboration software and they've announced the release of TrackerSuite.Net 3.0, a major new update of their Web-based project management and virtual office platform.

Integrated Project Management

TrackerSuite.Net allows project managers, IT administrators, purchasing managers, HR personnel, financial executives and others to collaborate from a central enterprise database, integrated with other core systems in real time. Users can also exchange and analyze information from most anywhere as well as customize a plethora of features from widgets to email integration.

Other improvements in TrackerSuite.Net 3.0 include tighter Web services integration with even fewer potential points of failure, tighter system security, increased cross-browser support and numerous upgrades to individual suite components.

Among the features available include: 

  • New Modules - Users can automate materials management, vendor payment authorization and asset deployment and collection.
  • Widgets - Users can "mash up" functionality between TrackerSuite.Net applications, as well as other enterprise applications, to meet their work requirements.
  • Pivot Tables / Data Analytics - Users can "pivot" and drill down into the TrackerSuite.Net database to view the Business Intelligence information relevant to them.
  • Improved Task and Work Management - Users can create sub-tasks with auto-populated default dates from the main task and see sub-tasks within the parent task document.
  • Improved Email Integration - Users can file emails into virtual online project folders (customer, help ticket, etc.) or other TrackerSuite systems. Emails can be turned into tasks and tickets; reminders can also be sent via email for approvals, time sheets and project status updates.
  • Workflow Improvements - Users can automate and manage projects, expense reports, time sheets, purchase requisitions and vacation requests.

Time is money and there's even less of it to go around. With the freedom of being able to work online from anywhere comes the responsibility of having to manage it and the time of others. 

The full suite of TrackerSuite.Net applications are now available. To learn more about TrackerSuite.Net 3.0, or to request an online demo, visit www.TrackerSuite.Net.