Interwoven, once synonymous with the Perl programming language, embraces .NET. And with more than half of America's corp IT doing the same, how could they not. Learn more about the Perl come C# love affair this Wednesday, Oct. 25th as Interwoven delivers their webcast, Strategies for Simplifying .NET Application Deployment. During the webcast, Interwoven will discuss developer solutions using the Interwoven Composite Application Provisioning (CAP) Solution, which can provide: * Flexibility to deploy various components to a .NET platform * Automatic aggregation from development tools, like Visual SourceSafe (VSS) * A single place for IT to synchronize and manage all deployments * Automated and scheduled transactional deployment * Integration with current IT tools, like ticketing systems * Versioning, Workflow, and Rollback capabilities And, the interweaving with .NET is ongoing. Interwoven recently announced ContentServices 2.0 SDK (CS SDK), a Web Services toolkit that interacts with the .NET Framework. This allows customers to use their tools of choice to develop integrations and custom applications that incorporate enterprise content management functionality. To sign up for the webcast (lasting 30 minutes at 9:00 AM Pacific Time, 11:00 AM Central Time, 12:00 PM Easter Time, 4:00 PM GMT) go to: