WebEx ECM Mashup
Document access from anywhere, collaborative editing, and complete on and offline publishing capabilities within WebEx Connect based applications -- these are just some of the new ways to mash up content resulting from a collaboration of SpringCM and WebEx. The two companies have announced that the SpringCM solution for Enterprise Content Management will be available via the new WebEx Connect application grid. The combined offering will allow customers, from anywhere in the world, to maintain a scalable and secure document repository for any file type, complete with full enterprise search and embedded optical character recognition (OCR). Think of that the next time you wonder what that guy next to you on the airplane is doing on his BlackBerry. Some collaborative examples: * WebEx Training Center customers will be able to create and edit content online, and access the final version in the WebEx Training Center environment. * WebEx Sales Center customers will be able to collaborate with customers on RFPs, contracts and orders, and submit contracts directly to an approval workflow. * WebEx Support Center customers will be able to deliver new information into the hands of front line representatives much more quickly through an always-available, integrated document solution. In addition, SpringCM will offer standalone solutions for fax and print-on-demand for WebEx. SpringCM is one of many applications users will be able to access through their personal WebEx Connect workspace and the WebEx Connect grid of partner applications. WebEx Connect allows users to integrate data from multiple applications and create a collaborative workspace custom designed for their particular workflow and business process. By leveraging open Web 2.0 protocols and collaborative WebEx MediaTone APIs, WebEx Connect makes it easy for developers to adapt on-demand, desktop and enterprise applications to the platform or create new composite applications. This collaborative solution enables customers to manage the entire content lifecycle as part of what WebEx calls its Business Application "Mashup" Platform. SpringCM is a leader in on-demand document and content management – to learn more, visit their website at SpringCM.com. WebEx Communications, Inc., is a global leader in software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications for collaborative business on the web. Visit WebEx.com for more information.