certeon secure distributed content across enterprise
Is your enterprise intranet spread across a wide area network (WAN)? Are you concerned with distributing your secure content across this network without affecting performance? According to a survey of 550 enterprise content management executives, the key issues they are facing today include improving application response time and security. Certeon, a provider of Application Acceleration Appliances, is co-hosting a webinar with the former CIO of Iron Mountain, which should provide some insights into these two issues. Entitled Best Practices for Securely Accelerating Content Access within a Distributed Enterprise, the webinar will take place on January 16, 2008. It’s provided by Certeon and Kevin Roden, Co-founder and Partner at New Boston Partners (the former CIO of Iron Mountain). What will you learn about? Discussions will cover end-user issues related to accessing secure content and data remotely, the underlying issues behind trying to accelerate encrypted traffic, and ways IT managers can solve these problems. It’s certain that Certeon will give an overview of their acceleration appliances. Their S-Series Application Acceleration Appliances are designed to deliver content securely and efficiently across a WAN. One product they work well with is SharePoint. So if you have a distributed enterprise, this webinar should provide you with some good discussions and a look at the technologies that are addressing the issues of secure content and improved delivery. Sign up and then when it’s all over, come back and tell us what you learned.