Wondering what trends to expect for content management this year? Well wonder no more. InformationWeek's George Dearing has provided us with his Top 5 Trends for 2008. We also found a few more that tickled our fancy.So let's start with Dearing's Top 5: # 2008 | The Year They (Business Users) Make Contact - Business users will start to demand better interfaces and back-end workflow. Will it finally become all about the content?? # Seeing Green In Content Management - Digital content will be sold as a way to "go green". Stop killing trees people! Go digital! # Content Management Gets Social - "Social media becomes a CMS product manager's best friend..." This is no big surprise. Content Management systems will incorporate more social media modules and applications. Go Facebook - here's a beer for the buddy in cubicle B! # SaaS And PaaS (Platform As A Service) - In-house is not always better and it seems companies will start to recognize that. Many CMS's now call themselves content platforms (Salesforce.com), and many more will jump on board. Some may even evolve into "hybrid enterprise suites" where CMS platforms hide within more traditional enterprise applications. # Mashing Up Content Management 2.0 - Service Oriented Architecture has finally taken hold and mashups are delivering real-time business functionality. As a result, CMS vendors need to work closely with content providers, Web 2.0 and social media providers to offer a full range of capabilities (and quickly). So it all sounds good right? What does AIIM have to say about it all? Well they actually agreed with some of the above. They have offered their Top 10 Trends for Content Management 2008. The ones that strike a chord include: * The evolution of SharePoint as a serious player in the ECM infrastructure marketplace. Back off all you non-believers! * The need for quantifiable best practices in the user community. Measure once, implement twice. Or is that measure twice, implement once? * Supplier consolidation * The need to connect in new ways. Enter Facebook into the enterprise (and beer, and snowmen, and which Friend are you most like?). Oh I bet if you asked every content management vendor out there and every consulting company that provides CMS services, you'd get a million more trends to watch for. My eye are tired already.