Xerox, better known for copying and collating than wiki'ing and blogging, expands its profile in the enterprise content management space by announcing a new version of their content management platform.Xerox Corporation just announced the availability of DocuShare 6.0 and DocuShare CPX. Meant to act as two independent parts of the same whole, DocuShare provides basic content services and DocuShare CPX enables advanced content services including workflow management. The two solutions are designed to operate on a unified platform and are targeted at organizations that are already invested in Xerox hardware. With DocuShare 6.0, Xerox makes an entrance into world of Web 2.0 with the addition of managed blogs and wikis and "What You See Is What You Get" (WYSIWYG) editing capabilities. Such features were previously only available in DocuShare CPX. Furthermore, the imaging capabilities of the DocuShare platform have been expanded to allow higher volume image capture at approximately 500,000 per day. DocuShare CPX enhances the already robust offerings of DocuShare to provide improved compliance reporting, workflow enhancements, and pre-defined templates that utilize XML to make ordinary spreadsheets more powerful. It is refreshing to see one of the largest and most well-known brands in technology and office equipment "walk the walk" by investing resources in producing software to support their call-to-arms from last summer. The enhancement and support of the DocuShare platform is a reminder to ECM's big players that Xerox remains a formidable opponent. But it does more than that. Xerox's move also acknowledges a cost v. quality disruption caused by the proliferation of no-cost blog and wiki software versus "enterprise" solutions that cost more buck for the same bang. Xerox customers want to get into the blogging and collaboration arena, but why pay a premium when Wordpress is free? Xerox's new solutions account for that disparity while giving their clients more of a brand name they trust. Xerox's financial statements are primarily affected by the sale and maintenance of office management and imaging equipment. However, the new version of the DocuShare platform provides Xerox with an opportunity to remind the industry of the innovative spirit that helped make them a marketing giant in the first place. Bravo. Learn more about DocuShare 6.0 and DocuShare CPX, or read more about Xerox at the corporate website.